Why You Should Take Your Eyelash Packaging Seriously

Whether your lashes products can have good sales performance must be tested by the market. In your whole eyelash marketing process, packaging plays an extremely important role.

Eyelash packaging box uses its own unique image language to communicate with consumers. The packaging is going to influence the consumers’ primary emotion and creates interest in your product at their first glance. It can not only promote success but can also lead to failure.

A packaging which lace of demonstration will let consumers sweep away. With the continuous development and improvement of the eyelash market, the majority of consumers have become increasingly mature and rational.

The market is gradually revealing a “buyer’s market’’ characteristics, which not only makes it more difficult to market the product but also makes the packaging design encounter unprecedented challenges.

Driving the product’s Packaging to grasp the consumer heart, towards a more scientific and higher level of development.

Packaging has become the main act of marketing in the actual business activities.As a business ownerwho does not understand the consumer psychology will be trapped.

Eyelash Packaging plays an important role in attracting the attention of your customers, stimulate their interest,  and inducing them to take the final purchase behaviour. Therefore, eyelash packaging design is very important in your eyelash business. A good design box will add values and sales efficiency of your lash products.

Regular rectangle eyelash box without windows(No MOQ)

Regular rectangle eyelash box without windows

This type of eyelash box, which is the most popular box, can be printed according to the customer’s requirements, the color, pattern they want, the process commonly used are Foil stamping, uv, etc. The most popular inner boxes are made of silver or gold card stock and colorful glitter paper.

Regular rectangle eyelash box with window(No MOQ)

Regular rectangle eyelash box with window

These boxes are just like the regular rectangles, but with an extra window so that customers can see the lashes inside. The windows can come in a variety of shapes, including rectangle, heart, round, crescent, and so on. The cost can be a little higher.

Square Eyelash Boxes with Window(no MOQ)

Square Eyelash Boxes with Window

These eyelash boxes are usually with window. The cost is about the same as arectangular lash boxes with window.

Triangle Eyelash Box

triangle eyelash box

As the name implies, the triangle eyelash box looks distinctive and costs more.

Folio Eyelash Box

folio eyelash box

These boxes are also very distinctive and cost a bit more, but they are not mass-market style.

Pull-out Eyelash Box

pull out eyelash box

This box is like a drawer, you can push and pull. The  cost is also higher than normal. Many customers favor these types of boxes.

Round Eyelash Box

Round Eyelash Box

These boxes are also very popular, but due to the limitations of the process, this kind eyelash boxes requires big MOQ.

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