What is the difference between 3D eyelash extensions and 6D eyelash extensions?

difference between 3d eyelash extensions and 6d eyelash extensions

There are many people who have tried eyelash extensions for their beauty and convenience. And once they’ve had them, there’s no going back! But how many of us can state the difference between 3D and 6D lashes as well as 9D and Camellia lashes? Arison Eyelash, the recommended eyelash vendor in Qingdao, will now show you the differences between the various types of eyelash extensions,how each type of eyelash extensions create your look, and suitable groups.

There are so many eyelash extensions on the market that you can’t tell the difference. What is the difference between them, Arison Eyelashes helps you to understand the mystery! We also added the popular 9D and Camellia eyelashes and the differences between them. It’s easy to assess which type of eyelash extension is right for you!

The hair of 3D eyelash extensions are clearly defined

What is the difference between 3D and 6D eyelash extensions? In fact, the 3D eyelash extension is to match 1 or 2 false eyelashes of 0.1mm to 0.15mm thickness with one real eyelash. It is a convenient way to attach the lashes, usually horizontally, to create a distinct, brushed-on mascara look. Showing a fresh and natural breath!

6D Eyelash Arrangement

6D eyelash extensions are different from 3D eyelash extensions in terms of thickness and method, in addition to the number of roots! Apply 4-6 smaller lashes, such as 0.07mm lashes, and glue the false lashes to one real one in a “blossom” pattern. The tops of the lashes are attached in a blossom style, so they appear more voluminous and heavy!

9D eyelashes are 3D plus 6D.

Apart from the 3D6D eyelash extensions, there is also a 9D eyelash extension! 9D eyelash extensions are simple to understand! The 9D eyelash extension is to attach a 3D eyelash to the real eyelash, and then attach a 6D eyelash to the 3D eyelash. The 9D eyelash extensions are a great way to create a more voluminous and layered look!

Camellia eyelash extensions for more variety

In recent years, you may see a lot of phrase such as “camellia”, “dandelion” and “marshmallow” have become very popular. What are they exactly? They are actually part of the 6D and 9D eyelash extensions. But generally speaking, normal eyelash extensions like 3D &9D are of the same length glued on one real eyelash. In these variations, lash extensions are applied to a single real eyelash in varying lengths to create more layers and a more natural and fluffy look.

Which style of 3D and 6D eyelashes are suitable for each?

After learning about 3D 6D, 9D and Camellia eyelash extensions, how should I choose the best one? In fact, it is NOT the more eyelash extensions you have, the better it is. As they have to fit your eye shape and show more confidence. The following Arison Eyelash introduces 3D, 6D eyelashes and 9D eyelash extensions with their respective features and suitable makeup. You can choose the shade of eye makeup that you want for your eyes to look beautiful and save time on brushing your eyelashes.

3D Lashes for Natural Style

3D eyelash extensions are mostly 1-to-1, so the look will be more refreshing, as if it is simply brush mascara,  just plain beautiful and flattering, perfect for a light makeup look, or for school kids and first time try with lash extensions. Simplely enhances the eyes, shading the roots of the lashes and creating the appearance of beautiful eyes!

6D for a perfect look and save time on makeup

6D eyelash extensions are applied in a flowering way, so compared to 3D eyelashes, the effect will be more three-dimensional and fluffy. The 6D eyelash extensions are suitable for people who need to apply normal makeup, because the effect is more obvious and the lashes are more delicate. Easy to create deep eyes and save time on makeup and gluing!

9D for soft, hollow lashes

The difference between 9D and 3D 6D lashes is that it is a combination of the two, so it is more concentrated than 3D and 6D lashes. It is suitable for people who are born with thin, hollow lashes, or those who need a heavier makeup look. It is a very convenient way to catch your thick eyelashes with a little time.

Through the illustrations, you will quickly understand the difference between 3D 6D lashes and 9D camellias, as well as the appropriate make-up.

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