What are camellia eyelashes?

Eyelash extension technology has been popular for many years, in addition to the classic 6D and 9D lashes, there is now a new style of lashes called “Camellia lashes”. This is one of the most popular eyelash extensions in many salons, and many beautiful girls specify this newest style. What exactly are camellia lashes? What’s so special about it? Is there any difference between camellia eyelash extensions and normal eyelash extensions? Keylashes will show you the full details. Please read on!

4 Features of Camellia Eyelash Extensions-What are Camellia Eyelashes?

False eyelashes for eyelash extensions may look similar, but there are many different styles, materials, and textures. What is the hottest camellia eyelash? What’s so special about it? Today, Keylashes is going to introduce the 4 characteristics of camellia eyelashes that are sure to appeal to anyone who loves beauty!

Long and short lashes for a voluminous effect

Camellia eyelashes are characterized by a more natural-looking eyelash extension effect, with each lash having varying lengths. This is because lashes of varying lengths are used to create a natural-looking, voluminous effect.

Multi-layered lashes for a more natural look

The length of real eyelashes varies depending on the time of growth, and camellia eyelashes have different design lengths. By matching the length of your own lashes, you can create a layered look that is as natural as real lashes.

Use the lightest lash to eliminate the appearance of foreign objects

In order to create volume and dimension, lashes must be supported by a little more root, and camellia lashes are made of a very light material. It’s a great way to get the look and feel of your eyelashes without the heaviness of the extensions or the foreign objects that come with false eyelashes, just like your own.

No worry about eye makeup not being enough, it’s easy to see

Camellia eyelash extensions not only have a multi-layered and natural appearance, but also have a strong visual effect, making them a must-have for online beauty girls. The non-dazzling eye makeup diva saves you 20 minutes of makeup time with camellia eyelash extensions!

The 3 differences between camellia eyelash extensions and normal eyelash extensions

Camellia extensions are not only the “lightest” and “most natural”, but they are also different from 3D, 6D and 9D lashes. Keylashes has compiled a lot of information and will tell you the differences between camellia eyelashes and other eyelash extensions in the following three points.

1.Difference in eyelash length

The biggest difference between camellia lashes and 6D and 9D lashes is the design of the length, as 6D and 9D lashes are all uniformly long. For example, if a row of 6D false eyelashes is 11mm, then the entire row of lashes will be 11mm in length, and Camellia lashes are layered lashes, varying in length, for a more voluminous, layered look.

2.The difference in effect

Because the material and characteristics of each type of eyelash are different, the extension effect is not the same. Camellia eyelashes are more natural, while 6d,9d lash extensions look thicker. So if you want extensions, you can get them according to your desire effect.

3.The thickness of your lashes

Since both 6D and 9D eyelashes are the same lengths, the extensions are adjusted according to the number of extensions. Since there are different lengths and combinations of lashes, the finest materials are used for camellia lashes

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