Tools for Eyelash Extensions

Today let’s talk about all kinds of accessories and tools for eyelash extensions. the tools and all kinds of products involved are very many, here we only talk about some of the necessities. For other things, you can choose according to your own situation.

Eyelash Tweezers:

Tweezers come in a variety of different shapes and materials, you may do not know how to choose. The first priority is to know what the tweezers are used for, which is generally splitting lashes, picking up single lashes and multiple roots (blooms). Some lashes are universal. This depends on personal habits, basic a straight tweezers, a curved tweezers can be. In terms of tweezer material, steel is more common, heavier, and less expensive; titanium alloy is an ultra-light tweezer, more accurate, and more expensive. Some.


The types of glue can be roughly divided into: slow-drying, medium-drying, and fast-drying, and this is chosen according to your operating speed. There is also a tasteless glue, but it is relatively short-lasting. For routine grafting, choose a low-taste, hypoallergenic glue.

To supplement the storage of glue: glue is stored at room temperature, sealed and dry. Whether the glue is opened or not, it can not be used permanently, the shelf life is usually 1-2 months.

Every time after using the glue, we must promptly clean up the mouth of the bottle and then tighten, to prevent blocking the mouth of the bottle, but also to prevent accelerated glue aging.

Eyelash Desk

False eyelash extensions can be used to make it easier to extract eyelashes. They are mainly made of glass and can be flat or curved, depending on your habits.

Glue paper glue

Grafting is attached to the glue table for easy cleanup. If you drip glue directly onto the glue table, it is dirty and difficult to clean.

Gluing table

It is mainly made of glass and jade material for the dripping glue. Be careful not to put it on the customer’s forehead or face for the glue dripping process, it is very unsafe. Nowadays, there is a tool table that combines eyelash and glue in one, so it is more convenient to use.

Magnetic forehead glue

For displaying false eyelashes. The extensions can be worn on your head and used with magnetic hair counters.

Beauty Lamp

It’s usually better to choose a beauty light with adjustable settings, so you won’t feel harsh when the light suddenly changes to its brightest.


The mask is the most basic form of respect for the client, protection for the eyelash artist herself, and a sign of professionalism.

Clean cotton pads (dry)

Can be used to wipe away glue remover, clean glue remnants, clean glue bottle tops, and clean the drop stand when removing false eyelashes.

Moisturizing cleaning pads

To remove eye make-up, oil and dust from the eye area before grafting.

Pre-Graft Cleaning Solution

This step is critical to the longevity of the extensions and should be carefully cleaned before the extensions are applied.

Special eye patch

It is used to separate the upper and lower eyelashes to prevent them from sticking together during handling.

Duct Tape

Use to assist in lifting lashes when attaching or to isolate lashes.

cotton swabs

Usually used to clean lashes when removing them.

Eyelash comb

It is convenient for grooming during and after extensions, and can also be sold as a gift to customers for later eyelash maintenance.


Blow dry after grafting is completed to accelerate glue drying.

Curing agent

Apply to the base of false eyelashes before applying extensions to make them last longer.

Glue Remover

Unstick the glue and use it to remove the extensions of false eyelashes. It is important not to get the glue remover into the eyes of the client, it can be irritating to the eyes, so if you accidentally get it in your eyes, use the Wash promptly with physiological saline.

Clean mousse.

Can be used to clean real eyelashes before extensions, clean eyelashes and eye makeup when applying extensions, and clean the eyes after removing false eyelashes.

Tool Cleaner

Typically used to clean glue and stains left on tweezers.

The above is the eyelash extensions process needed to use the auxiliary products, although there are many types, but familiar with the whole process of extensions, naturally, it is also a good idea to use the extensions. The letter is in the hand. For those of you who have always wanted to learn, get it now!

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