The Whole Process and Technique of Eyelash Extension Grafting

In the eyelash extensions, if you do not master the basic techniques, you may make mistakes because of wrong habits and methods. Today Arison Eyelash discusses with you the basic techniques of eyelash extensions, hope you can learn from them.

the tweezers Holding method

Correct use of tweezers is basic, but also most important.

You need two pairs of tweezers, one for your left hand and one for your right hand (curved tweezers for false eyelashes and straight tweezers for real eyelashes).

  • You need two pairs of tweezers, one for your left hand and one for your right hand (curved tweezers for false individual eyelashes and straight tweezers for real eyelashes).
  • When holding the tweezers, you should hold the tweezers as comfortable as you like, as long as they are easy to move.
  • When using tweezers, it is important to distribute the force evenly between the two hands. If you use too much force, the force may be applied to the customer’s forehead or face, making your customers uncomfortable.
  • Because the tips of tweezers are very sharp, they are dangerous tools. Be extremely careful not to prick or touch the customer’s eyes.

Eyelash Separation Method

Put disposable false eyelashes on the head mold and practice separating eyelashes.

  • Use an eyelash comb to comb the false eyelashes neatly.
  • Practice separating the eyelashes with tweezers, not to touch the skin around the eyes or the eyeliner.
  • Separate one eyelash at the point of reference in the middle of the eyelash.
  • Hint: If you separate two or three lashes at the reference point, you won’t be able to perform the 1:1 eyelash separation, and there is a risk of eye irritation or stubborn hair loss.

Tweezer direction and angle:

It will be eaiser to only hold the tweezers upright and use the tip of the tweezers to separate an eyelash. In addition, the direction of the hand and the tweezers should follow the angle of the tweezers for attaching false eyelashes.

Separation method of customers’ real eyelashes

Separate the client’s real eyelashes with tweezers during the actual operation.

  • Use a comb to smooth out the lashes.
  • Use tweezers the same method as the head-molded lash separation method, be careful not to touch the eyelash line.
  • In order to process the 1:1 operation, hold the tweezers one by one so that the false eyelashes do not overlap with the real ones.
  • The better you know how to separate the real eyelashes, the smoother the operation will be.

The human eyelashes are divided into 3 or 4 layers, you should start from the bottom of the healthy eyelash layer to separate them (only if you start from the bottom of the eyelashes, the eyelashes will not be deformed after the operation).

False eyelash plucking and clamping method

Hold tweezers in one hand, practice pulling out false eyelashes one by one.

  • After pulling out, hold it with tweezers in an oblique direction. Use tweezers to hold the lashes in a 45-degree diagonal direction.
  • Hold the false eyelashes with tweezers and pull them out to the side. Hold the false eyelashes 2/3 of the way up with tweezers and slowly raise your hand, pulling them out towards your chest.
  • Operate with tweezers on false eyelashes.

Although the eyelashes are cylindrical and cannot be seen with the naked eye, they actually have front and side. When performing, you should hold the front of the eyelashes.

Tip: If you apply too much pressure to the lashes, they may be bent and deformed, so be sure to apply the right amount of pressure. If the lashes are oriented in the opposite direction or not in a slanted line, the lashes may bend when you finish the surgery.

Position and angle of holdling eyelashes

When using tweezers to clip false eyelashes, make sure to clip them at least two-thirds of the way up. If you use the tweezers, you will not be able to move your arms and hands in an uncomfortable way.

How to use the glue?

Let’s find out how to dip false eyelashes into eyelash extension glue. The most important thing when using glue is to make sure the glue doesn’t run when you dip it.

  •  Shake the glue fullyand then drop it on the glue table.
  • Slowly move the false eyelashes into the glue table and dip them evenly into the glue.
  •  In order to prevent the false eyelashes from producing drop-like glue, you should dip them into the glue evenly.
  • Finish adjusting the amount of glue for the false eyelashes.
  • Use tweezers to hold the false eyelashes and slowly move them into the glue on the glue table, dip them into the glue only 1/2 way, and then pull them out slowly.
  • The glue on the false eyelashes should not have water-droplet shape, if there is any bubble, it should be removed before operation.

How to apply eye patch

Match the curve of the eye contour, cover the lower eyelashes, make sure not to touch the pupil during the separation process.

  • 1. Measure the size according to the curve of the eye and then apply the eye patch.
  • Start from the tip of the eye, according to the contour of the eye.
  • close the eyes and apply the patch in line with the curve of the eyelashes.

Tips: only when the eyes are closed, it will not cause any change in the muscles around the eyes, nor will it cause any change in the condition of the real eyelashes.

If apply eye patch the wrong way

  • If you find your eyelashes are crooked after applying the eye patch, you have applied it incorrectly.
  • If the eye patch is applied the wrong way, the pupil may be irritated, which may cause the customer a lot of discomforts

Hope this article helps you understand a little more about the tips and technique of apply eyelash extensions. Arison eyelash wholesale is here to help you. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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