The Most Popular 3 Eyelash Extension Materials

The following introduces the difference of the 3 most popular eyelash extension materials: sable lash extensions, mink lash extensions and silk lash extensions.

Price: Sable Lashes>Mink Lashes> Silk Lashes

Softness: Sable Lashes>Mink Lashes>Silk Lahes

Durability: Sable>Mink Lashes>Silk Lashes

Silk eyelashes extensions

The texture is harder compared to other kinds false eyelashes. It is also elastic

Therefore, it has the advantage of having a curl that does not come off easily

Although the durability is a bit poor, the cost performance is still very good

If you apply a lot of lash extensions, it gives you a stronger effect than mink lash extensions

Mink eyelash extensions

Mink fur is soft and popular

It has the advantage of less damage to your own eyelashes and less burden for extensions.

The most important feature is that it has a high matching on your own eyelashes.

The longevity of the extensions is directly affected by the matching of the material.

So in comparison, mink eyelashes will last longer.

When finished, they will turn out to have a matte texture and a dense feel.

Perfect for when you want to dress up!

Sable eyelash extensions

Compared to mink lash extensions and silk lash extensions, it is a top quality material that is close to the real human lashes.

It is characterized by its soft texture, close to human hair and no stiff feeling.

It is easy to bind to your own lashes, and because it has the special softness characteristic of mink hair, it has very good durability.

For those who have tried mink and silk and find it off-putting or feel stiff. It is recommended to  try sable eyelash extensions

It’s less damaging to your own eyelashes and the extensions don’t burden you.

There are people who forget they have eyelash extensions after they’ve had them.

It’s a type of extension that looks very natural with an extension.

Perfect for people who are obsessed with eyelash extensions

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