The 7 Most Used Eyelash Brushes

Eyelash brushes can be divided into the following categories: curl eyelash brush, volume eyelash brush, slimming eyelash brush, mini and sea urchin brushes .

1. Curved Eyelash Brush

This brush head curves like a crescent with a curved, scoop-shaped tip that keeps lashes curled as you apply it. It also takes care of the both ends of  your eyes . This kind of brush is suitable for anyone, especially those with short lashes. Brush from the root of the eyelashes on the concave side to finalize the shape, then brush the end of the eyelashes on the convex side.

2. Volume Eyelash Brush

The thicker brushes are nylon and have tighter gaps between the bristles, so they create a voluminous and thicker lash effect. The thicker brush has a larger head and is easier to apply. But multiple applications can cause fly-tips, especially suitable for sparse Lashes.

3. Slimming Eyelash Brush

The gap between the bristles is large enough to create a well-defined effect, and this slender brush head produces a more natural effect. Suitable for daily makeup, especially for short thick lashes.

 4. Mini Eyelash Brush

This brush head is small and thin, so it won’t clump and cause fly legs. Although the mini brush head will take many strokes, but it can take care every individual lashes , results in a well-defined lash line. But the curl and lengthening effect created by this brush is not as pronounced as with the above brushes. This is a great product to brush your lower lashes and create a nude look.

5. Ball Eyelash Brush

This eyelash brush head is also rather… Cute, newbies should think twice before you choose this brush,veterans can feel free to try it out. The sea urchin head brushes precisely the front and back lashes. You can apply it lengthwise, horizontally and diagonally with a lengthening effect.  It is smaller than all of the above brushes, but creats prettier effect.

6. Comb Eyelash Brush

This brush looks like a comb, the bristles point straight out. the bump in the brush head will root through the lashes while brushing. But before brushing, need to scrape off some mascara at the mouth of the tube to avoid clumping.

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