Start Your Eyelash Business For Under $200

Stylish, attention-grabbing eyelashes are all the rage these days. Women of all ages are always looking for eyelashes that bring out the beauty of their eyes and enhance their overall look. Every day there are millions of women trying to find a good source of attractive, stylish, durable, easy to use, affordable eyelashes. For people with vision, now is a great time to start a business selling high-quality, great-looking eyelashes. Contrary to what some think, starting a business selling eyelashes doesn’t have to cost lots of money. It’s possible to start an eyelash business for under $200.

Why Start With A Small Investment

One good way to test a business idea to see if there is a real demand for the products. You have to offer is to start small and gradually expand as your sales increase. By letting the market for your eyelashes dictate the growth and size of your business, you can stop yourself from making an expensive mistake. Some people think if they invest lots of money into a business that will increase its chances for success. But, if your estimate of the size of the market and the demand for your eyelashes is wrong, you could end up with thousands of dollars of stock and a large overhead you can’t pay.

Why Begin With A Few Quality Products

A safe way to test the market and see if you have what it takes to start, run, and build a successful business selling eyelashes is to begin by offering a few quality products and good service. As your customer base grows, you can ask your customers what other types of eyelashes, supplies, and services they and their friends want and need. Use the money generated by the sales of the eyelashes you started with to buy more eyelashes. Focus on providing excellent products and services at fair prices. The number of repeat customers and referrals you get will let you know if you’re doing a good job.

What You Need To Start Your Business

A Good Business Plan: Cost:$0

plan your eyelash business

Create a good business plan is essential for building a successful business. Once you know there’s a large and lucrative market for eyelashes you can tap into, research the basic things you will need to get started. Create a good business plan for finding the resources you need, reaching out to customers and selling your eyelashes at a good profit.

Finding A Good Eyelash Vendor: Cost:$0

google your eyelash vendor

You can search online for a vendor offering good eyelashes at prices low enough so you can mark them up, sell them and make a decent profit. Choose a vendor that will let you open an account and get a small amount of eyelashes on credit. Once you find a wholesale eyelash vendor that’s willing to work with you, select the eyelash products you think will sell the fastest.

Ordering Samples: Cost:$100

ordering eyelash samples

Another important step in setting up your eyelash business is ordering samples to show to your clients in person and display on your website. Ideally, you should get a small sample of the eyelashes the vender you choose has to offer. This gives you a chance to test the market and see what type of eyelashes your customers prefer. It is also an opportunity to check out some of the different types of eyelashes your vender has to offer and how long it takes them to deliver your order. This can help you streamline the ordering process. You usually have to order about $100 in samples to get started.

Taking Promotional Photos Of The Lashes: Cost:$0

Taking good photographs of the lashes you will be offering for sale on your website is crucial. However, that is also something you can do for yourself for free. Most mobile phones have a decent camera built-in that you can use to take pictures of the lashes to post on your website. Be sure to place them on a background that enables people to see them clearly. Take several pictures of the eyelashes on different backgrounds and with different types and intensities of lighting. This will give you lots of good choices and without having to pay a professional you will have the great photos you need for your eyelash website.

Creating A Catchy Brand Name: Cost:$0

creating band name for your eyelash business

To attract attention to your eyelash company, you will need to create a name for your brand that’s catchy, attention-grabbing and easy to remember. You can have brainstorm sessions with your friends and be open to getting naming ideas from anywhere. Ask the universe or your muse for help.

Designing A Unique Logo: Cost $0

design logo for your lash business

You don’t have to be a professional artist to design a unique logo that represents your brand. All you need is a little creativity and some research online to put together something simple, powerful, intriguing and easy to reproduce.

Building A Website: Cost:$15-$30

builing website for your business

You should create a website to promote and sell your eyelashes online. Creating a website or online store is easy and inexpensive. To set up a website you will need to register a domain name. Companies like GoDaddy, Wix, Spotify and countless others will gladly register your domain name, give you free website templates from which to choose and host your online store on the internet for $15 to $30 a month. This gives you an internet presence and a place where you can offer eyelash products, supplies and services to millions of people in your local area and worldwide.

Setting Up A Business Email Account: Cost:$0

eyelash business email marketing

When you are just starting your business, you can save money by using a free email account from Gmail or several other companies. To make your business email account look and sound more professional, it can include the name of your business. Again, without spending a dime of your $200, you can have a professional sounding, easy to remember, email address you can use to communicate with potential customers all over the world. Outside your phone number, it’s how countless people will contact you and your company.

Creating Social Media Accounts: Cost: $0

creating social media for your eyelash business

You can create social media accounts for free on many platforms to communicate with customers, tell them what you have to offer, find out what they want and let them know why they should do business with you. Social media marketing is free and it’s among the most effective ways businesses can reach potential customers these days. Almost everyone has a Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest or Tumblr account. Accounts on those popular social media platforms are free. You can use social media to promote your eyelash company to millions of people in your local community, city, state, and around the world for free.

 Making Arrangements For Shipping: Cost:$20-$50

choose shipping company for your eyelash business

If you want to sell to customers living outside of your community, you must be able to ship the products they order to them quickly, safely, and affordably. Many shipping companies allow you to set up accounts through which you can ship products COD or pay on a per shipment or monthly basis. Often, setting up shipping accounts is free or there’s a small fee of between $20 and $50. UPS doesn’t charge an account set up fee. They will simply charge it to your PayPal account if you use their Bill My Account service when you ship your packages. Other shippers have similar services.

As we have just seen, an eyelash business is inexpensive to start. If you have $200 and you want to start a business selling eyelashes, you can start today and have money left over.

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