Professional Lasher Lash Manufacturer


Laser Lashes are the latest and most innovative eyelash extensions on the market. Using advanced technology, these jagged-root eyelashes will increase the shelf life by 1.5.

Top features:

Jagged-root lashes hold them on average 1.5 times longer than regular eyelashes. Using the “Laser-Root” eyelash extensions, the glue is applied with tiny indentations or grooves made with using laser technology. These furrows are able to hold more glue and increase the surface area of the eyelashes leading to better retention.

These grooves can hold more glue and increase the surface of the eyelashes, resulting in better retention.

Studio quality with quality rating, which are used by many eyelash and beauty salons.

Working technique:

The Laser Lashes blends perfectly with the natural eyelashes, easily correcting them.

Product Detail:

Thickness: 0.05mm,0.07mm,0.10mm,0.12mm,0.15mm

Curls: C, C+, D ,D+ ,L ,L+ ,M

Color: Black


When taking lashes from the tray, lift the lashes/fans gently towards you from near the base and not away to ensure perfect fan removal. Curls may vary slightly from standard tray range.




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