Ellipse Lashes Manufacturer 0.15 C/C+/D/D+/L/L+/M Curls


Undertake OEM orders, professional designers, to provide customers with private label customized services.

Flat lashes on the base lashes are helping to create a better bond between the natural lash and the eyelash extension which results in longer lasting retention.

Ideal for creating beautiful Rich Black Classic sets.

The special ellipse structure makes a 0.15 mm eyelash as soft as a 0.07 mm eyelash meaning you get a much lighter feel, not to mention they are easier to pick up than standard lashes.

Curls:  C, C+, D,D+,L,L+,M

Thickness: 0.10mm  0.15mm

This product is:

– Vegan

– Latex-Free

– Not tested on animals

– Formaldehyde-Free

All our lashes are made from 100% Synthetic fiber.


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