Never Miss the Big Hotspots on TikTok for Your Eyelash Business

TikTok is really becoming hotter and hotter in Europe and the U.S. TikTok short videos are starting to become bandwagon which has brought a lot of products on fire. These pop-ups are either new and fun or have a particularly cool point that touches a nerve and completely solves troubles in life.

Magnetic Eyelashes, for example, is a product that comes with its own glow. It’s innovative enough to attract attention, and the target audience is women who love beauty, and it’s a quick solution for those who don’t know how to apply false eyelashes. It already has over a million video likes!

On TikTok, posts related to Magnetic Eyelashes products, reviews, etc. have been trending lately.

There are so many business opportunities here. One TikToker posted a very popular review video and then slapped the product’s Amazon link right in, coming in at 23,000 likes!

It’s no wonder that in the Beauty & Personal Care category, which is full of hand sanitizers and masks, magnetic false eyelash products still manage to steal a spot.

This item on the trending list, with the Amazon’s Choice logo, has 2.6K  reviews and retails for $ 23.99, the product includes 2 bottles of magnetic eyeliner, 5 pairs of different styles of magnetic false eyelashes and a tweezer.

The magnetic eyelash set is easy to use. First, shake the eyeliner with magnetic particles and draw 2-3 layers of the eyeliner on your eyelid to create a magnetic eyelash line, then wait a minute or so for the line to dry completely before attaching the trimmed magnetic eyelash to the line.

The eyeliner is waterproof and has a strong magnetic attraction. Even if you blow directly on it with a blower, it won’t fall off.

The magnetic eyelash can be cleaned with makeup remover, and after cleaning, the false eyelash can be put back into the box.

Currently, in the Amazon False Eyelashes & Adhesives category, Best Seller is the following product with Amazon’s Choice logo and 5.7k cumulative reviews. Priced at $26.99, it also includes 5 pairs of lashes and 2 bottles of eyeliner.

As you can see from the reviews, it’s really worth getting into, and many people who didn’t know how to apply false eyelashes have been saved, screaming that this product has literally opened the door to a new world for them.

The traditional false eyelashes are fixed by glue, the glue takes longer to dry, and some people are even allergic to glue. Magnetic false eyelashes have come forth in recent years. The first generation of magnetic false eyelashes is through two pieces of magnetic clip to hold eyelashes which is slightly thick. Then it is upgraded to magnetic eyeliner false eyelash set which is much more natural and light.

With mask makeup being all the rage in 2020, eye makeup has become the finishing touch! All kinds of eye beauty products are very popular. The magnetic false eyelashes are still the “black beauty product”  that can save you. It’s hard not to be on fire when all kinds of related video release.

2020 is off to a bad start, but there’s still plenty of opportunity!

TikTok and Facebook Shops, the biggest hotspots for e-commerce traffic right now this year, are in the process of Dividend period. As a ambitious eyelash business owner , you should never miss the big business opportunity of the TikTok marketing!

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