How to use eyelash extension glue

how to use eyelash glue

The effect and durability of eyelash extensions is inextricably determined by eyelash glue. The eyelash glue performance is effected by skin,weather and surroundings,etc. For example, on rainy days or during the summer when indoor and outdoor temperatures and humidity are high, the glue dries faster on the surface than inside. When the glue can not dry well, the newly applied extensions will appear glue whitening phenomenon. So how should we deal with it?

First, let’s understand why the glue appears to be whitening

-In the process that eyelashes glue condenses from a liquid to a solid, a white substance is produced when the glue is exposed to water vapor, and it adheres to the adhesive part of the eyelashes, visible to the naked eyes.

-The eyelash extensions were not prepared properly or were touched by fingers.

-The eyelashes are still covered with glue remover or cleansers.

-The customer sweats or sheds tears during the extensions (make sure customers close eyes 100% during the process. Be sure to wait until the grafting is complete and the glue has dried for 3-5 minutes before your customers open their eyes).

-The glue did not dry completely after the grafting was completed, or the surface of the glue was dry, but the inside may not be completely dry.

-Within a few hours after grafting, the glue may have been wet from washing your face, bathing, swimming, etc.

What should you do to avoid the glue turns white?

-Before grafting, clean and dry the eyes thoroughly.

-Use the right amount of glue for grafting (pay special attention to grafting with strong adhesive).

-Dry with a blow dryer after grafting (especially during rainy rains and summer).

-Don’t touch the eyelash extension with your hands after grafting, also to prevent moisture on your hands, which can lead to whitening of the glue.

-Avoid any water to the eyelashes extensions for 8 hours

Maintenance Notes for Eyelash Extensions

maintenance note for eyelash extension

-To avoid premature loss of eyelash extensions, wash your face gently.

-Avoid using oily makeup removers and waterproof cosmetics.

-If the lashes become messy, do not pull the lashes with your hands, use an eyelash comb

-Try not to use eyelash products and tools as possible as you can, mascara or eyelash curlers can cause false eyelashes to fall off.

Tips on use eyelash glue the right way

tips on use eyelash glue the right way

In addition to the eyelash extensions skills, the glue is also very important. You must make sure that the state of the glue is suitable for the extensions. So the use and preservation of glue is a must learn for a professional lash artist!

1. Use your right hand holding the bottle and shake it back and forth around 80-100 times in the fish marginal position of your left hand to make sure the glue fully integrated.

2. Drop glue vertically. Drop frequently but with small drops. The right glue drops should be full of round shape.

3. Check the mouth of the bottle after each drop and wipe it clean with cotton pad, Close the bottle and put it together with desiccant for storage.

4.  when grafting, pay attention to dipping glue, glue amount should be shorter than 2mm, to avoid too much glue caused by grafting after the hardening of the situation.

The use environment of eyelash glue

the environment of using eyelash glue

Temperature and humidity are the main factors that accelerate the hardening of eyelash glue, it is necessary to ensure that the use of temperature between 20-30 ℃, humidity between 50%-65%, and avoid grafting in direct sunlight and ultraviolet light. To ensure a hygienic environment during the grafting process, frequent ventilation and fresh air are required.

How to seal the glue

how to seal eyelash glue

After each use of glue, hold the bottle on the workbench and gently lift it down a few times so that the glue at the nozzle flows back into the bottle, then hold the bottle and squeeze out residual glue and excess air from the nozzle,  then dry and tightern to bottle to prevent it from clogging.

Storing the bottle with air in it may cause the glue to deteriorate. When wiping the mouth of the bottle, do not use cotton wool with solvent or water on it, or paper towels with debris on them.

When you should not apply eyelash extensions

-If you’ve just had your contacts done, you can’t do them until you’ve recovered.

-It is not allowed to do it after new eyelid surgery until 60 days.

-Patients with conjunctivitis can be easily irritated by glue, causing a recurrence.

-Dry eye can be sensitive to glue.

The crowd with super-blink eyes are easy to get hurt during the process

Although eyelash extensions skills and habits are different for each artist, we believe that every good artist is truly dedicated to their clients. So the knowledge and skills need to be learned by heart. May every customer see the beautiful world with moving eyes!

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