Eyelash Salon Standard Service Process

These days, false eyelashes have become a trend and everyone is competing for customers. How do you make sure you don’t lose a customer who comes to your eyelash salon so hard? In addition to your skilled technic, a complete set of services process, can also make customers feel more professional, and thus have more repeat consumption.

Guidance and reception

This part everyone does pretty much the same: greet your customer at the door, ask if they have an appointment and direct her to her seat to wait. Tell her how long to she will wait. Ask her what she wants to drink and serve it with both hands.

I would like to recomment you to set up a storage area for valuables such as customers’ bags.

Before you apply lash extensions

1.If she is a new customer, ask her to fill out a form which contains the following three types of questions.

a. Basic information: including name, birthday, address, contact information, etc.

b. History of allergies and wearing

  • Whether her eyes and skin around the eyes have allergies (if so, the process needs to be suspended).

  • Whether she accepted eye surgery, such as vision correction and double eyelid surgery in last six months (if so, the process needs to be suspended).

  • Have your customr ever had eyelashes extension before and how did her feel (if the customer has not had eyelashes before, tell her that she may not be comfortable with them, but they will be fine in a day or two, so that she has a psychological  expectation).

  • Whether or not her has had contact lenses.

  • What kind of eyelashes her prefers

c. Sources of information:  How does her find your lash salon?

This form not only reflects your care, professionalism and responsibility, but also serves the purpose of archiving and avoiding after-sale risks.

2. If it’s a regular customer, ask her how her last lash extensions was maintained

3. If the customer is wearing contact lenses, advise her that it is best to remove them and explain why: the eyes need to be closed about 1.5 to 2 hours when she is having lash extensions, which may cause her eyes become dry if she wear lenses.

4. If the custom has eye makeup, use eye makeup remover and carefully remove the eye makeup for your customer. And tell your customer that is because she needs to keep her eyelashes away from water for 4 to 6 hours after the process, which makes it impossible to remove her makeup. So the eye makeup must be removed before it is done.

If the customer has an appointment, then you should remind them not to wear eye makeup at the time of the appointment.

5. Take naked-eye photos of your customers and make records, not only for your customers to compare before and after, but also to protect yourself from complaints; And after obtaining your customer’s consent, it can also be used as your own advertising, and maybe even your customers themselves helped you to shout out.

6. Take a photo and analyze her eye shape and the condition of the eyelashes, as well as the thickness and curvature of the false eyelashes extensions that suit her, and if the eyelashes of your custom are sparse or vacant, tell her that even having lash extension, the position will be corresponding vacant. So that she can have psychological expectations. Effect pictures would be better.

7. Remind customers to go to the washing room and explain that this is because applying for eyelash extensions generally take two hours and are not convenient to interrupt.

8. Remind customers not to open their eyes during the process and must inform you first if they want to open eyes.

9. Disinfect your hands and tweezers in front of the customer, this will make the customer feel at ease.

10. After the customer lies down, give her a blanket to cover her with to make her feel more secure. Ask her if she feels cold or hot, if she needs to add a blanket or adjust the air conditioning temperature.

During the process of eyelash extension applying

1. Remind customers that you are going to start.

2. Check with your customer from time to time to see if she has any discomfort feelings.

3. For new customers, you should tell her the reason of every step, this increase the customer’s trust in you as a profession.

If yourcustomer wants to sleep, keep quiet and let her rest well.

4. Many ciliary beauty salons have private rooms where soothing light music to help customers spend two hours better and also to help them sleep. So what should you do if there’s no private room?

You can ask her if she needs headphones to listen to music. This step you can use your imagination, the only purpose is to help your customer solve the boredom of the long process.

5. If the customer is pregnant, let her rest several times in the middle, lie down for 20-30 minutes and rest for 10 minutes each. Because if a pregnant woman lies on her back for a long time, the uterus presses against the venous lumen, resulting in insufficient blood supply and a lack of oxygen to the fetus.

6. If you have to leave temporarily in the middle of the process, you should inform your customer and apologize.

After you have finished

1. Assist customers in fixing their hair and clothes.

2. Compliment your customer’s eyelash effect.

3. Help customers take a beautiful photo, perhaps she will share you with her friends. One happy customer wins more.

4. Introduce the eyelash maintenance in detail for your customers. Many eyelash shops print the precautions on small cute cards and put them in small bags along with small combs and other maintenance gadgets, and give them to customers as free gift bags.

Or you can

Text your customers with these tips. This solves the problem that small paper cards are easy to lose, and also adds the customer’s contact information in an easy way, which helps to consolidate the customer and carry out subsequent marketing.

Print the tips on your coupon card, so every time a customer reads the coupon, she is encouraged to pick up this coupon to do eyelashes, and wait until a month later when the customer needs to redo her eyelashes, then she will go back to your store.

5.  Accompany customers to the checkout counter.

6. Asks your customer how satisfied she is, and hands her a business card, telling her to contact the store if she has any problems, and you will help them. In case she tells a friend about her dissatisfaction or writes a bad review in the public.

7. Pass water or drinks again. If there are not many customers in the store, you can ask them to sit down on the sofa again for a rest. Chat with your customers. If your customer has questions, answer them patiently.

This will make your customer feel like she doesn’t has to leave immediately after paying, enhance her closeness and level of habituation to your services.And become a more loyal customer.

When the customer is ready to leave

1. Remind customers not to forget their belongings.

2. Walk customers out the door. If there is an elevator, deliver it to the entrance and press the elevator for her.

3. Say goodbye and welcome her back in future.

Helpful Notes

For first-time customers, no additional  pushing such as vip card is allowed during the entire service process.

If the customer comes back to your salon again, it means that she is really endorsing the service, at which point you can start pushing cards.

Collect  and update information

Collecting (for new customers) or updating (for old customers) of customer information, including birthdays, interests, contact information, wearing history, favourite styles, amount of money spent each time, etc., so as to facilitate return visits and serve her better next time.

Follow up

1. Call the customer to follow up how she feels during her lash extensions wearing, such as whether their eyes are uncomfortable after getting their eyelashes done, whether they have fallen off, how many of them have fallen off, etc. Be proactive in asking and don’t wait for the customer to tell you.

2. Apologize sincerely if there is a problem with your eyelashes and offer a remedy.

3. Remind customers that it’s been a month, or some holiday is coming up, and it’s time to come back to your eyelash salon for more beauty.

4. Send a text message for the customer’s birthday, with the customer’s name at the beginning, the content should be something related to the customer’s personal, the tone should be sincere, can not be seen is a group message.

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