High-end custom eyelash packaging box, help your eyelash business stand out

custom eyelash boxes

There is currently a rapid growth in the demand for eyelashes in the market, which is why many companies that are dedicated to put their efforts into creating extraordinary and highest quality types of eyelashes.

This has made your eyelash business to differentiate yourselves from the competition increasingly difficult to achieve.

This is the main reason that has motivated us to help you create fully customized eyelash boxes, offering you impeccable and fast work, which will make you stand out as a beauty company.

Benefit of choosing Arison custom eyelash boxes

  • You will be able to choose the most convenient form of box for your company, we have the capacity of a professional team to carry out any innovative form that you have seen in the market.

  • We have original and fully functional designs. Simple and innovative at the same time that will make your packaging out of the ordinary.

  • In materials you can have a wide variety of stock that we have, unlimited, that will achieve the finish you are looking for in your eyelash packaging.

  • We adapt to the different sizes and shapes of the eyelashes since we have experience making eyelash boxes, small, mini, or large.

  • You will be able to use primary colors or color mixtures to finish with a very personalized tab box design.

  • You can attach different decorations such as logos, information, or prints.

How is Arison customized eyelash box packing service?

Our custom services will be fully adapted to your demand and requirements at wholesale, or with retail orders, we will work hand in hand to realize the ideas you have regarding what you want for your company and guide you to achieve the expected eyelash packaging boxes.

Our eyelashes clients are satisfied with our service since we offer a customized packaging system, which will not give you any problem.

We have the ability to create any type of eyelash packaging that you have previously seen on the market and also, we will advise you to make the best decision for your eyelash business.

Our experience allows us to work without limits when it comes to creating eyelash packages of different shapes, sizes, and colors.

We also have a huge range of packaging options that will allow us to give the finish you want. From cardboard tab boxes, acrylic, or rigid tab boxes. We have a variety of box materials such as plastic, leather, velvet, and many more.

You can definitely count on our custom eyelash boxes that are elegant, innovative, and creative at the same time. Basically we will not put limits on your imagination and we will achieve the expected design for your company.

Ultra-strong custom eyelash packaging

Eyelashes, so loved by women, have an important characteristic that worries them.

The reality is that women are afraid to travel or simply carry their eyelashes in their bags to go to a party because they feel that they are going to be damaged or broken due to their fragility. Therefore, your eyelash customers want a solution that guarantees that they will remain in their original state and that they are free from harm. The solution is that the eyelashes have a protective packaging that covers them from being damaged

Our custom eyelash packaging boxes are designed for this, regardless of the material you prefer, we will always give a resistant finish and designed for your safety. The tabs will simply stay in their packaging completely secure thanks to our streamlined packaging process.

In addition, we will make the tabs easily accessible, since they will be very easy to open thanks to the shape of their production, which will result in perfectly functional and unique and attractive custom boxes.

Specialists in custom eyelash packaging

We have an advanced and specialized team in amazing designs, packaging, printing facilities, and advanced wrapping forms.

You can choose the colors you want, to give the special touch you would like to give to the production of your company.

The appearance of your eyelashes with personalized boxes will give it such an attractive touch that even its value will be perceived higher. It is an excellent way to increase the price of your lashes, excellent quality, innovative, and with a wonderful packaging that makes them look totally desirable and high cost.

Innovative eyelash packaging designs and styles

Currently there are very original designs that have a very positive impact on the attractiveness of eyelash boxes, such as diamond-shaped, circular designs, such as a ring box, boxes similar to the shape of a compact powder, among others. designs.

Basically they are designs that can be perfectly used for the packaging of eyelashes and that look great, despite being simple, functional, and easily accessible.

The process does not stop there, since we can combine it with different styles, colors, textures, and shapes that will make these designs completely original for false eyelashes.

You can choose between round shapes, triangles, elongated, rectangles, and others. In addition, the texture can vary from plastic to velvet, and then you can have many color options between mixtures of primary colors.

Personalized eyelash boxes, a comprehensive service

Definitely an amazing tab box is capable of helping you create an identity. People by nature remember more very original or striking things; so a striking eyelash box will be able to do this job for you.

The colors that you can implement in this new project will make your business recognizable and this will create a unique identity for it.

You will have the freedom to use elements that will completely highlight your packaging, such as the company name, stamp the figure of your logo, or create a mixture of colors that identifies your company. All these elements will add value to your project and will give you differentiating points compared to other competitors in the sector.

Arison Lashes will accompany you in every aspect to give your brand the most credibility possible and make your customers loyal, thanks to its work with the quality of eyelashes and a well-made and attractive personalized eyelash box.

If you have a range of tabs of different sizes this will not be a problem. We have experience making very special mini boxes for eyelash samples or new innovative designs. Simply tell us what you want, to make your order come true.

Also, remember that you can put all the necessary information on the labeling, which you can also use to distinguish yourself from your competition.

Durability of custom tab boxes

Each of our materials is of the highest quality, to guarantee that the eyelashes will have their box in perfect condition throughout their useful life and more.

They are designed and created to withstand sudden blows or falls without losing their functionality, their ability to easily access and keep the eyelashes intact in the face of these events; thanks to the precise packaging process we have.

Also, if your requirement is a stiffer eyelash box, we can do it. The idea is that you share the line of your idea to outline the ideal design options for your company.

Remember that we will assist you in choosing your design and also advise on the best materials or textures for the custom eyelash box.

Any size for custom eyelash boxes

Size is the first thing we must define, in order to decide the perfect size for the type of eyelashes you intend to pack.

You can choose any size or shape for us to carry out the packaging, regardless of whether you need very small or very large sizes since the system of our production process really allows us to make any size or box shape.

This also allows you to make changes in color, size, texture, or shape whenever you want in your orders, and we will have it ready on time.

If anything sets us apart from other businesses, it’s our prompt delivery. We really won’t keep you waiting for your order and you literally just have to wait a few days to get it in your hands.

Reinvent your product

If you currently want to launch a new range of eyelash products, it is the ideal time to start with all these new attributes that you can add to your production, through new custom eyelash boxes.

But if you currently have a packaging provider and want to try new options, we will be open to listen to your request to give you the best result and improve the tab boxes you currently have.

Having your own custom eyelash box will give your eyelash business stand out by not having a product that looks the same as your competition or as a common product

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