Classifications and types of false eyelashes

Nowadays, there are more and more types of false eyelashes on the market. Depending on the workmanship, material, density, length, shape, eyelash thickness, Curvature, and so on, false eyelashes really come in all varieties, so let’s find out more about them today.

What are the classifications and types of false eyelashes?

1)False eyelashes can be of 3 kinds according to workmanship.

1. Hand-made eyelashes: pure handmade, fine workmanship, convenient and practical. But the process is complicated, and the output is limited by manual work.

2. Semi-manual eyelashes: the first few procedures are made by machine, the last two procedures are hand-made. The finished product is relatively flat and smooth and good looking.

3.Machine-made eyelashes: mainly made by machine, but also a small part will use manual work. The product looks beautiful, the cost is lowe, and the output is large.

(2) Strip lashes can be divided into three kinds from the density of eyelashes.

Natural Shape Eyelashes

natural shapes eyelash

1: Natural shape eyelashes are longer, denser and curvier than real lashes. If you like natural beauty, this style is a great choice! Suitable for work situations and low profile needs. This style puts little pressure on your own lashes and is comfortable for the eyes. So we recommend this style if it’s your first time getting eyelash extensions.

2: Voluminous False Eyelashes also known as Barbie Eyelashes

voluminous false eyelashes

Encryption on basic of the natural shape, one you own eyelash with 2 or 3 false lashes added. The finished eyes become dramatically, and the makeup is so strong that people are drawn to the flickering lashes the moment they look at you. This is also a great way to reduce your age and increase your confidence in social situations.

3: Exaggerating Eyelashes, also known as Cleopatra

This type is encrypted and lengthened on the basic of voluminous lashes. It is twice as long as real lashes and 3 to 4 times the density. Finished effect is very beautiful. But if your real lashes are short and sparse,  your own lashes can’t handle the length and density of this style. It also stays on for a shorter period of time. If you are attending a ceremony, a party, or an event that requires heavy makeup, this style is still the best choice.

3)There are two types of eyelash shapes.

Arrangement of the shape of the eyelashes

eyelash shapes

1: Scalloped shape: long in the middle and short on both sides. The design is concentrated in the middle of the eye, perform a very cute effect.

2: Flying shape: shortest in the inner corner of the eye, longest in the outer corner. The transition from short to long. This design’s focal point is concentrated in the outer corner of the eye, very flirty and touching.

4) There are three curls of strip eyelashes.

Curl of the eyelashes

curls of eyelashes

1: J curl, 30 degrees in the middle of the lashes, slightly curled. Short lashes are best with this.

2: B curl, 40 degrees of curl. Universal shape.

3: C curl, 50 degrees of curl, exaggerated, easy to lose. Seldom used.

5) There are four types of eyelash thicknesses.

1: 0.10mm, fine and soft, suitable for inner corner of eyes and small hairs.

2: 0.15mm, universal lashes.

3: 0.20mm, this one is thicker than the previous two, so the encryption effect is more obvious, one lash is equal to two lashes.

4: Camelia eyelashes, 4 to 7 eyelashes connected at the root, fast wearing, low technical difficulty, but not as natural as a single lash.

6) False eyelashes can be divided into 4 types according to purpose.

1. Doll eyelash: for dolls and other dolls with eyelashes, thick and long and lovely.

2. Movie type eyelash: after wearing, the stereo perception sense of eyes is very obvious, suitable for photography, stage makeup.

3. Personalized eyelash: it is a kind of eyelash with unique design, showing personality, longer and denser than other kinds of eyelashes, suitable for theater and stage. Performance or special makeup.

4. Crossed eyelashes: very natural, suitable for bridal makeup, natural makeup, etc. You can choose from black, blue, brown, and purple.

7) By material false eyelashes are mainly divided into.

Synthetic eyelashes, real human hair eyelashes, animal hair eyelashes, feather eyelashes. As the name suggests, the material used for fiber lashes is fiber, real hair lashes are made from human body hair, and so on.

So, that is all the answer of classifications and types of false eyelashes. It may look a bit complicated. In fact, the type of false eyelashes is not so complicated,  nothing more than workmanship, material, density, length, shape, eyelash thickness, curvature.

In addition, now false eyelash extensions, are also very popular. The false eyelashes extensions are glued on your real lashes one by one, the effect is more realistic. And it saves a lot of trouble of daily paste, you can creat a beautiful look just use a eyelash curler to create a curly effect.

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