Choose the Right Eyelash Tweezers for Lash Extensions

As a professional eyelash artist, it is a must to pick the most easy-to-use tweezers with the best! So do you really know how to pick tweezers for eyelash extensions? Today, we’re going to take you through the different types of tweezers for eyelashes and how to hold them.

Types of tweezers for eyelashes

According to their shape, tweezers can be divided into four categories

I Shape Tweezer (straight)

i shape eyelash tweezer

L Shape Tweezers (curved/hook type)

L shape eyealsh tweezer

J Shape Tweezers

j shape eyelash tweezer
Suitable for flowering grafting, can improve your flowering grafting technique

X Shape Tweezers

x shape eyelash tweezer

h Shape Tweezers

h shape eyelash tweezer
Suitable for single root grafting

Material of Eyelash Tweezers

Currently there are 4 most common tweezers that are made from: stainless steel, titanium, alloy and carbon (iron)

By Weight: Iron > Alloy > Stainless Steel > Titanium

The current market sells more stainless steel and titanium tweezers, and less alloy and charcoal tweezers. The titanium tweezers are skin-friendly and have an anti-allergy feature; the cost is lower than the stainless steel tweezers, but they have an anti-allergy effect, so the price will be higher than stainless steel tweezers.

How to choose tweezers

It’s not easy to pick out a tweezer that’s right for you. You should consider the following: shape, length of the handle, cutting edge, and the handle softness. When all of these elements satisfy you, it is a tweezer that is right for you.

1) The cutting edge: the slimmer the tip of the tweezer, the easier it is to separate hairs.

2) The tip: Used to check the thickness of the tip of the eyelashes, the slender tweezers make it easier to see the eyelashes when working with them.

3) Handle (elasticity): The elasticity of the handle is very important, and you should choose a narrow handle so that you don’t need to put extra force into it.

4) Tweezer handle: the length of the two handles should be based on the size of the eyelash artist’s hands, the smaller hand should buy a shorter handle of tweezers; the larger hand should buy a onger handle of tweezers.

5) Edge [gap]: the distance between the two edges determines the strength of the elasticity, should choose tweezers that can be opened and closed easily

6) Weight: the entire tweezers should be lightweight

The key points of holding tweezers

If you get the tweezers the wrong way, you spend extra effort on the customer’s forehead and the tweezers. In addition, dangerous tweezing holing methods can lead to serious accidents.

The skin is full of sore spots (to feel pain), warm spots (to feel temperature), cold spots (to feel cold) and pressure spots (to feel pressure). and other sensory organs, and their number varies depending on the location. So, if you use even just a little bit of force while using tweezers, the skin can feel it.

The correct way to hold tweezers when getting eyelash extensions.

1) Open your hand, then squeeze it on the tweezer handle and bend your fingers slightly. The hand should be placed in the middle of the customer’s forehead, but should not touch the customer’s forehead.

If the eyelash artist’s knuckles touch the client’s forehead, the client will be very uncomfortable.

2) When attaching eyelash extensions, the elbow should be placed on the bed (pillow) as a point of pressure, and the artist should never place her hand on the customer’s forehead.

When the eyelash artist’s elbow is on the pillow of the eyelash bed, it will not be easy to shake when taking the tweezers; in addition, it can also stabilize the balance by clamping the armpit, so that the operation can be more stable.

It is very important for the trimmer to learn how to choose the right tweezers, as this affects the speed and efficiency of your operation, which will not only be appreciated by the customers, but will also allow you to receive more customers in the same time and do more and more business.

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