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Wholesale Mink Lashes Bulk

Arison 3D mink eyelashes are made from Siberian Mink hair but 100% cruelty-free. We choose top quality mink hair and handmade one by one, which makes lashes most soft, curly, and comfortable. The cotton band chooses medium thickness and all can reuse over 35times.

Please kindly note: Shipping fee will be applied when you order below pack order. Free Shipping is for order AP007. We use DHL & FeDex as default, but you can choose your shipping company. 

Mink Lashes Bulk Order: AP001

mink lashes bulk order ap001
In this pack order, we choose the hottest selling 18mm lashes: AH13, AH24, AH09,5pairs each style,15pairs total. The length of lashes is controlled between 16mm to 18mm, looking natural and suitable for daily wearing. These 3 styles are totally different and have their own characteristic. Having these 3 styles, you can have different choices in different occasions. AH13 is thinking and dramatic, AH 24 is unique and special, AH 09 is natural and soft, so why don’t you choose these 3 styles? 15 pairs lashes, 3 styles, only $35. The original price is $47, great deal!

Mink Lashes Bulk Order: AP002

mink lashes bulk order ap002

In this pack order, we choose 2 cute lashes styles AH22 and AH42, including 5 pairs each style,10pairs total.AH22 is a very special lashes style, many customers love it and reorder again and again. AH42 is shorter, about 16mm, but thicker. it is suitable for all kinds of eyes, enlarging your eyes. 10 pairs lash pack order, only $25, original price $32!

Mink Lashes Bulk Order: AP003

mink lashes bulk order ap003

In this pack order, we choose 4 popular lashes styles AH22,AH42 ,AH43,AH24,including 5pairs each style,20pairs total.4 different lashes styles, 4 different choices.You can see they are all so beautiful and cute! 20 pairs lash pack order, only $42, original price $58!Very good deal! You will never want to miss this chance?

Mink Lashes Bulk Order: AP004

mink lashes bulk order ap004

In this pack order, we choose 2 cute lashes styles AH13and AH24, including 5 pairs each style,10pairs total.AH24 is our top one, you will definitely like it when you wear it on your eyes. And AH13 is a dramatic style! 10 pairs lash pack order, only $25, original price $33!

Mink Lashes Bulk Order: AP005

mink lashes bulk order ap005

In this pack order, we choose 5 hot selling lashes styles ,including 2 pairs each style,10pairs total.5 styles can give u 5 different choices when you have different occasion.10 pairs lashes pack order ,only $25 ,original price $33 !If you want to order more, will have more discount!!would u like to try?

Mink Lashes Bulk Order: AP006

mink lashes bulk order ap006

In this pack order, we choose 10 top hot selling lashes style recently, including 2 pairs each style,20pairs total. Their lengths are all about 16-18mm, very natural and suitable for daily wearing. And they are all very hot in the lashes market now. 20 pairs lash pack order, only $43, original price $60! Very nice promotion, catch the discount today!

Mink Lashes Bulk Order: AP007

mink lashes bulk order ap007

3D mink lashes clear band 4 pairs, LH17, LH19, LH22, LH26; 3D mink lashes black band luxury curl 4 pairs , AH16T, AH40T, AH41T, AH46T
8 pairs luxury 3D mink lashes pack $42 ONLY , Free shipping

Wholesale Eyelash Extension Bulk Order

Arison Eyelash’s eyelash extension products are made of high-quality Korean PBT materials, with a soft texture, long-lasting shape, easy operation and easy to make fans.We can produce almost all the curvature, professional designers meet your customized needs.Supply for multiple brands around the world, with excellent quality and timely delivery.

Eyelash Extension Bulk Order: AE001

eyelash extension bulk order ae001

Beginner Adhesive 1 pcs, Power Remover Cream 1 pcs, Lash Cleanser 1 pcs, Glue Booster 1pcs,and Silk Lashes 3 pcs – Pack Price: 33USD,  Orignal Price:37.1 USD

1. Beginner Adhesive | $10/5ml Suitable for beginners.

  • Color:Black
  • Volume:5ml
  • Drying time:2-3 second
  • Holds false eyelashes:ab. 6 weeks
  • The best temperature for flexible adhesive:18-23℃
  • The best humidity:40-70%
  • Shelf life:6 months *Open life:1-2 months
  • Certification:MSDS/RoHS

2. Power Remover Cream $5.5/20g: Quickly and easily dissolves the adhesive on each eyelash extension. After approx. 5 minute remove extensions with cleaning sticks, tweezers, brushes, cotton swabs or other aids.

  • Content: 20 g
  • Shelf life: 2 years
  • Shelf life after opening: 6 months

3.”Lash Cleanser for Eyelash Extensions and Make-up” is suitable for all skin types. Cleanses effectively removes stains on the eyelash extensions and the skin without feeling dry and irritated. -Suitable for eyelash extensions: does not affect the adhesive. Not only cleanses, but also improves the condition of the eyelashes. Capacity: 60ml $5 – Shelf life: 2 years

4.Glue Booster $4.5/15ml: Let the glue accelerate (faster adhesion), and the adhesion between the own and the artificial eyelash can be improved. This prolongs wearability by 1-2 weeks.

Application: 2-3 minutes after application of degreaser and primer. It is recommended to apply booster to the root of the eyelashes on the tape before the eyelashes are lengthened.

5. Silk Lash 3.8usd/12rows | Mink Lash 3.8usd/12rows | Easy Fan Volumen Lash 4.5usd/12rows Curls:C/C+/D/D+/L/L+/M Thickness:0.05/0.07/0.10/0.12/0.15/0.20 Length:8-15mm

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