All you need to know about eyelash extensions

The materials of false eyelash

Polybutylene terephthalate (PBT) eyelashes: The false eyelashes made from PBT keep the shape unchanged for a long time. It is difficult to deform after processing and has strong chemical resistance. PBT USES a particular machine to heat and dry for a certain period to produce the corresponding radian. The so-called antibacterial eyelash is adding silver ion in the PBT material to enhance the antibacterial function of the false eyelash.

polyethylene terephthalate (PET): also known as polyester. It is used for “horn-shaped” bunches of false eyelashes.

Hydrogenated plastics (PVC): often used for hair extensions, wigs, etc. It deforms at low temperatures.

Animal fur lashes (animal hair, protein): Ten years ago, there was a batch of pig hair, mink, fox, squirrel, and Mustela sibirica hair in the market, but the circulation quantity was minimal. This kind of hair has excellent luster and texture (soft) because it is a natural material, “the length, radian, the thickness is not equal,” the length will not exceed 6mm, there is no possibility of 13mm mink lashes, such restrictions, so animal hair is challenging to use in practice. 
Human hair lashes (hair, protein) they make primarily it from the real human hair. Animal and human hair contains protein, burning it will emit a special odor, very easy to judge. 

False eyelashes have various trade names in the market. Such as silk, mink, sable,.. The general ingredients are PBT materials. There are a lot of salons and beauty practitioners wrong about these commodity names as materials names.

Characteristics of regular single false eyelash

The eyelash thickness
The thickness of a false eyelash mainly includes 0.1mm, 0.12mm, 0.15mm, 0.18mm, 0.2mm, and 0.25mm. The diameter of human hair is less than 0.1mm, about 0.05-0.08. To look more natural, choose 0.1mm, 0.12mm, 0.15mm. Other diameter false eyelashes can be used in a small amount to present a full effect and shorten the grafting time. You should combine the customer’s original eyelash state, the desired shape, durability, and other aspects, then make a choice.

The eyelash length
The length of false eyelash extensions is mainly in 6-15mm, the commonly used range is 8-12mm, among which the most frequently used length is 9-11mm. The longer the eyelash extensions are, the more susceptible it is to the physical effect, which is more difficult to last. You should select the lash extensions length should according to the desired shape and durability of your customers.

The eyelash curvature 
Curvature is arranged from small to large in the order of I, J, JC, C, CC, D, etc. Each brand has a different name for eyelash warps, but a professional eyelash brand has at least five curvature and other false eyelashes with special radians. We should not only refer to the customer’s requirements but also consider the customer’s eyelash shape and status. When false eyelash extension is more curled-up than customer eyelash, the adhesive face is less, which means difficult to last. 

▲ eyelash Curvature type
▲ eyelash Curvature — I curl
▲ eyelash Curvature — J curl
▲ eyelash Curvature — JC curl
▲ eyelash Curvature — C curl
▲ eyelash Curvature — CC curl
▲ eyelash Curvature — D curl

Eyelash Extensions Taper 

Taper refers to the shape of the lashes’ front cut, even if the lash size is the same, the front part’s thickness will be different. Longer and thinner the front end, the More natural after grafting.
It is common to go for “big natural eyes” and “mascara eyeliner effect,” so the black eyelash is the most common choice. Besides black, there are purple, blue, brown, brown, green, pink, yellow, and other colored false eyelash extensions. The better the feeling of color, the richer the makeup knowledge, the more effective the application of colorful eyelashes. For example, a few black mascara grafts along with a purple eyelash to lighten the load and match it with eye shadow for an elegant and lovely look. 

Lash extensions shape

After taper processing, the front end of a false eyelash becomes thinner and more natural. The real eyelash roots are round, while the artificial roots are flat. Eyelash manufacturer to improve the efficiency of beauty eyelash, or make the eye appear bigger, the market is selling special shape and taper false eyelash, to meet the diverse needs of customers.

How to do a good eyelash self-quality control?

The length of an eyelash is generally 3.7cm, 230-250. It would help if you asked the manufacturer for a piece of eyelash length sheet, then do your random check the lash based on the length sheet, the more the eyelash you check, the higher the coincidence rate means the better quality control of eyelash 
Put a white paper under eyelashes, observe the bend rate of eyelashes, or use a magnifying glass to watch. The fewer flaws in the end, the craft of the factory is better.

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