All About Eyelash Extensions: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How to distinguish the curls of eyelash extensions

A: three most common types, J curl, B curl and C curl

J curl eyelash extension: It’s the closest curvature to a real eyelash, The J curl lash extension extends the length of your eyelashes and create a natural look. Suitable for girls who want a long eyelash with minimal makeup.

B curl eyelash extension: With a pronounced curvature, the B curl is the most popular lash curl which makes your eyes bright and piercing, suitable for girls who want a magic sparkling eye effect.

C curl eyelash extension: It’s the most curvaceous of all the types, the c curl eyelash extensions stand out for girls who want an exaggerated curl or stage look.

Q: Eyelash materials

A: Currently the most popular are synthetic and protein fiber lashes, followed by mink hair.

Synthetic eyelashes: Compared to the other two types of eyelashes, synthetic eyelashes are harder, but they have a better curl and shape, create your desire eyelash effect better.

Protein Fibre Eyelashes: These are the closest thing to natural lashes. They are softer, have a certain shape and curl, creat a very natural look.

Mink fur: This is an extremely soft eyelash, although it is rare in the market. After grafting, in addition to create a thick and slender look, your lashes will be very soft and comfortable.

Q:Length of eyelash extensions

A: Eyelash extensions are available in different lengths from 6mm to 13mm.

The short ones are suitable for the bottom lashes, the top lashes would be more natural with 9mm and the 10mm lash extensions because the real human lashes are about the same length. The 11mm and 12mm eyelash extensions will be a bit long and exaggerated, suitable for performances and other show occasions.

Q:The thickness of the eyelash extensions

A: The thickness of the eyelash extension material from 0.07mm-2mm.

Most female eyelashes are 0.5-0.8 thick, 8mm-9mm is generally suitable for older sisters, or a little bulging eye shape beauties, 10mm-11mm lashes are the most applied length which makes you look cute and young. 12mm-13mm lash extensions generally create a younger and more energetic appearance.  Girls with strong makeup will be very good-looking, very sexy and charming, the eyelash effect is much more obvious. The thinner the lashes, the closer they are to the real eyelashes, the more natural and realistic they are. But the thicker the lashes are, the more stylish they are.

PS: The thicker the material, the harder it is. You may have a certain sense of weight and discomfort if you choose thick eyelashes. Matching the diameter to the clients natural lash is a good rule of thumb.

Q: Color of eyelash extensions

A: You may find various colored eyelash extension in the market.

Most of the eyelash manufacturers do black lash extensions, in fact, in addition to black, there are purple, blue, brown, brown, green, pink, yellow and other colorful false eyelashes. It’s generally used in a variety of occasion.

Q:Shape of eyelash extensions

A: Y shape lash extensions, flat lash extensions, classic lash extensions, pre-made lash extensions, etc

In order to improve the efficiency of eyelashes and make the eyes look bigger, eyelash manufacturers are now selling false eyelashes with special shapes and tapers, such as Y shape lash extensions, flat lash extensions, classic lash extensions, pre-made lash extensions(2D,3D, 4D, 5D, 6D, 10D lash extensions), in order to meet the diverse needs of customers.

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