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Founded in 2010, Arison has become a top-tier lash vendor in the eyelash wholesale industry. Located in Qingdao, China, Arison happens to be in the hub of the largest eyelash production base in the entire country. Covering more than 15,000 square meters, employing over 800 skilled technical workers, we’ve quickly grown and have rapidly been expanding our business since being founded.

At Arison Lashes, we always deliver the best eyelash products and services to you. As both a lash wholeseller as well as a major eyelash vendor, we now have three production bases where we produce eyelash extensions , strip lashes & custom eyelash boxes. Our production section covers various 2D, 3D, 4D, 5D, 6D, and even 10D Volume Eyelashes products. If that was not enough, Arison also provides auxiliary tools such as false eyelash glue, cleaner, magnetic eyeliner, tweezers, and much more.

Arison Lashes focuses on quality just as much as quantity when it comes to our factories of amazing eyelashes & eyelash accessories. With years of understanding this market, Arison knows about eyelash products and has been technically innovating the industry since arrival. We always try our best to follow customer demand, always trying to innovate to what customers want and need. All of this is done to prove quality service overall.

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The great range of eyelash grafting products we produce are all at reasonable, affordable prices. This is especially true when you compare Arison to other leading industries in the eyelash genre. Since we also care about the quality, you’re not going to be buying some cheap knockoff of what could be. Rather, you’ll be getting a quality product at an industry breaking price.

With shipments to the United States, Europe, the Middle East, and other regions, we annually ship over 30 million products. We send our products after being thoroughly tested for quality, which is often why people continue to be repeat customers for us.

At Arison Lashes, we use a terrific scientific management and service system, which uses advanced production equipment. Overall, that ensures the quality of all our services and products. All of our false eyelashes are produced in a dust-free and sterile eyelash processing workshop. We even use ultraviolet sterilization to properly disinfect everything.

We use quality inspection that will strictly check the lashes to ensure they are top quality before leaving the shop.

Production Equipment:

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The production equipment used is made up of high-end aluminum tubing. It is internationally certified for professional medical level sterilizing, specifically in terms of the boiler equipment. All of this can properly sterilize at a more thorough level.

Safety And Hygiene:

All of our workers at Arison are dressed in aseptic clothing. When in operation, the workers have clean hands, clean desks, clean tubing when used, and clean hair. Since our workshop wishes to meet specific standards of cleanliness, we’re strict about this at our production workshop. We wish to completely ensure the safety of the wool from our workshop, making our products perfectly clean from the source.

Standard Process:Our process is quite easy but also quite strict.

arison eyelash standard producing

Step 1: Materials sourcing: All lash materials choose from specific sources and make sure it is flawless. We only use high grade Siberian real mink fur which are from mink tail and Koren PBT fiber. Other materials will be applied as request.

Step 2: Shaping: all eyelash material is aligned with a seamless tip to ensure a perfect shape every single time.

Step3: Sterilize and disinfect: We strictly control the temperature and sterilize all the eyelash fiber using ultraviolet radiation. This Multi-Process System used by Arison ensures all the lash material we use will be free of dust and aseptic

Step 4: Inspection: We test lash curvature and neat degree to confirm we deliver a perfect eyelash.

Step 5: Packaging and shipping: We package your order and shipped by DHL or FeDex as requested.


Strict Quality Control:

At Arison, we make sure all of our eyelashes are produced well under specific instruction. All the false eyelashes produced by the factory go through strict inspections,  process, and overall finished product. We do this to prove that we hold the quality of our products as our highest priority. Make sure the eyelashes are all dustless, aseptic, healthy, and safe.

You can always trust Arison as your reliable eyelash wholesale vendor! We are ready to serve you better!

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