About 5 Different Eyelash Stalk

False eyelashes according to the process can be divided into: mechine-made eyelashes /half machine-made eyelashes, and handmade eyelashes.

Many world brand eyelashes do OEM or ODM production in China, some need OEM, while some ask for direct delivery without brand who do their own packaging by themselves.

Export eyelashes on the quality requirements are very high, including the similarity of each pair, the fineness of each eyelash, whether pass the quarantine standards and health standards of the importing country.

According to the materials. The eyelashes’ materials have domestic fibers, imported fibers, real hair, feathers, paper, synthetic, cloth and so on. Regarding to comfort of daily wear eyelashes,  broadly speaking, they can be divided into the following types of stems.

Plastic transparent stalk: usually said transparent stalk, whose eyelashes are tied on one by one. Its material is similar to the fishing line we usually use. The feature is to wear transparent and seamless, suitable for nude makeup.

Cons: it is more resilient with elasticity, eyelash glue needs to be super sticky. It’s easy to fall off if the glue is not good enough or the applying method is not right. and it’s uncomfortable if the eyelashes are not well worn. Better cut it to a smaller size than your own eyelashes, or cut in sections.

Silicone transparent stalk: this kind of stalk is soft and easy to wear, eyelashes are glued on and set in stalk.

Cons: it is thicker, but some girls like it very much,it can give you an effect of double eyelid.

Cotton thread stalk: this is the most common eyelash, the stalk is cotton thread similar to the usual sewing cotton thread. Eyelashes are also one by one tied up.

Pros: it’s comfortable and light

Cons: it require eyeliner. And It is not very easy to apply as it is very soft.

Cotton thread black stalk: It is also cotton thread, but the eyelashes are one by one attached.

Pros: it is comfortable and stylish, but a little thicker; this process is common in high-grade eyelashes.

Plastic black stalk: it is plastic, eyelashes are one by one sticked on. Because the lashes are also made of plastic, they are mixed into one.

Pros:The advantage is that the whole eyelash is comfortable, dark and heavy.

Cons: it is hard and may spread the eyes.

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