6 Steps to Remove Eyelash Extensions

How should I remove false eyelashe extensions? Why do you find it so hard to remove your eyelashes? What if your customers always find the eyelash removal irritating? Today, let’s learn how to properly remove false eyelashes.

remove eyelash extension step one

Step one: Apply eyelash pad to lower lashes, isolating upper lashes, lower lashes and skin, protecting lids from the remover and preventing it from hurting the eyes.

remove eyelash extension step two

Step two: Use a nano cotton swab with the appropriate amount of remover cream, evenly apply on the articulation part of real lashes and false eyelash, avoiding contact with the skin, to retain a certain distance for safety.

remove eyelash extension step three

Step three: Wait about 3 minutes for the eyelash glue to dissolve, then use tweezers or cotton swabs to peel the extensions away from the real lashes. Clean up the eyelash remover at the same time.

remove eyelash extension step four

Step four: Using a clean, dry-clean cotton pad or paper spool swab, wipe the adhesive remover residue along the lashes and remove the eyelash pad.

remove eyelash extension step five

Step five: Squeeze out a generous amount of bubble eyelash mousse, apply it to the eyes with a mousse brush and gently massage in a circular motion for about 1 minute to cleanse.

remove eyelash extension step six

Step six: Wipe the mousse with a clean, dry cleaning cotton sheet, blow dry with a hair dryer or blow dryer ball, and finish with an eyelash comb, Just tidy up.

Have you learned how to remove your eyelashes above? And the most important point: the eyelash removal products must be mild non-irritating, in order to give customers a safe, healthy, and comfortable experience! Enjoying the process is the key to retaining customers!

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