2019-2020 False Eyelash Trends Analysis

Nowadays, people’s pursuit of beauty is becoming more and more refined along with time, the demand for basic cosmetics and complementary products is becoming higher and higher year by year. False eyelashes, as an essential consumable product, occupy a pivotal position in the make-up aids products.

The false eyelashes are a kind of artificial eyelashes used to beautify the eyes, usually by lengthening and thickening the eyelashes to make the eyes more beautiful. Look bigger, brighter, fuller and more radiant. False eyelashes made of different materials can have different effects.

False eyelashes can be divided into classic eyelash extensions, blossom eyelash,flat eyelash extensions and pre-made eyelash extensions by style.

By materials, there are mink lash extensions, horse hair, synthetic fiber, etc.

Also lash extensions can be divided into four curvature, J, B, C, D. D curl is the largest curvature;

Plus length, number of lashes  and colors, The category is endless. European and American girls prefer exaggerated, thick, slender false eyelashes. Women in Asia, prefer false eyelashes that are natural and thin.

According to a study from Grand View Research, the global market for false eyelashes is expected to witness continuous growth, growing at a CAGR of 5.4%.

false eyelash trends

According to Google Trends, false eyelashes have always maintained a certain level of market popularity, and their price and frequency of use make them has been purchased repeatedly.

false-eyelash-google trends

False eyelashes have always maintained a certain level of interest in the market, and their price and frequency of use make them a product that is purchased repeatedly

Arison false eyelash sales has been grown by 64.6% over the same period of last year.

arison eyelash sales growth trends

The US accounts for more than 80% of the main countries where false eyelashes are sold by Arison. Orders are mainly wholesale. The United States, UK and Brazil have the biggest growth over the last year.

The following is a list of recent hot selling styles and related products for false eyelash products.

1. Strip eyelashes

Arison trendy strip lashes

2. Eyelash extensions

3. Eyelash related products: tweezers, eye stickers, glue, eyelash fans, eyelash brush

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